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NAEOTOM Alpha with Quantum Technology

Throughout the history of computed tomography (CT), radical innovations have redefined how images are produced and how CT can support radiologists and clinicians in their clinical decision making

Pogled u budućnost: Magnetskom rezonancijom navođena adaptivna radioterapija – prednosti i izazovi

Tehnološki napredak u području radioterapije rezultirao je pojavom novih složenih i visoko sofisticiranih radioterapijskih tehnika.

Periferne arteriovenske malformacije – začarani krug od dijagnostike do intervencije

Arteriovenska malformacija (u daljnjem tekstu: AVM) je kongenitalna vaskularna malformacija koju čine nepravilne poveznice između arterije i vene, a koje komuniciraju putem centralnog nidusa.

Izvješće s radionice OKRT-8

Formalno visoko obrazovanje radioloških tehnologa. Koliko radiološki tehnolozi sudjeluju u izvođenju teorijske nastave.

Conventional, Digital 2D and 3D CBCT Cephalogram: Assessment of the Reliability of Cephalometric Analysis and Measurements

The cephalogram is a radiological image used in orthodontics. Cephalometric analysis includes the interconnection of reference points which allows analyses and measurements of various planes and angles, which serve as an aid in finding the correct treatment of teeth.

CT Colonography – Overview of Current Clinical Practice

CTC is a diagnostic method that has been developed for more than a decade and there is a large number of studies conducted to describe its capabilities.

Automated Breast Ultrasound

Due to the growing number of breast cancer patients, an early diagnosis is important in order to reduce the mortality rate of those affected. Methods such as mammography, DBT, MRI, HHUS or ABUS are used in the detection of breast cancer.

Frequency of endoleaks after endovascular treatment of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Nowadays, there are more and more advantages of endovascular treatments for aneurysms of the abdominal aorta compared to open surgical treatment.


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